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How To Survive in ONLINE CLASSES!

Online classes in college can be very stressful and rough. Especially when you have several to focus on all at once. I know from previous experience that online classes take A LOT to determination, hard work, organization and drive to get the work completed and submitted on time each and every week.

I have always been a good student and have gotten on the Dean’s List most of my semesters in college thus far. However, taking online classes and facing homework on you nights and weekends can be more than anyone bargained for. In the end it will all be worth it to see that coveted piece of paper hanging on the wall.

5 Tips to Succeed in an online course are (Tips):

  • Confirm technical requirements
  • Connect with instructors early
  • Create a schedule
  • Stay organized
  • Have a consistent workspace

These are all great tips to being a successful online student. It is difficult to understand truly what an inline course takes until you enroll in one and spend the time trying to organize and make since of what you are asked to complete.

Some other great advice to be successful in online courses are to (Succeeding): read the syllabus before the start of classes, understand your strengths and weaknesses, complete assignments before their due date, participate and ask questions and stay motivated.

As always comment below with any ways that you keep up in online classes.


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